No Tomorrow

No tomorrow

This is my little homage to one of the games I used to play in the arcades when I was a kid… a game with a trackball, many missiles and the almost impossible task to avoid a thermonuclear world war for as long as possible.

Yes, I know… that’s not exactly a very cheerful theme, but it’s also not worse than your average “zombie apocalypse” theme that you can find in many games today ;-)


In this game the final war that will annihilate the human race has just started. Your name is Dave Theurer, not to be confused with the legendary developer from Atari that has made Tempest and the game that has inspired this demake ;-) You are in charge of stopping the nuclear missiles that are raining on your country, but you just can’t stop all the missiles and you can’t keep your loved ones safe forever; but if you’ll be brave and lucky enough you might be able to allow some of your fellow citizens to see the lights of another day. Till the next night of bombings.


Use your mouse or the directional keys to move the gun target. Push the Z button or click the left mouse button to shoot a single rocket, Keep pressed the X button or keep clicking the right mouse button for rapid fire. Shoot the enemy missiles and avoid them falling on the buildings. When your last building falls, it’s game over.